Best 6800GS AGP Driver? Join us. This model graphics card is performing close to the GeForce 6800 GT, it's massively better than a GeForce 6600 GT or standard GeForce 6800, yet is offered at a seriously superior

It's picking up "GeForce 6800 GS" which is correct... Steffano2002 Registered User 26-Jan-2006 16:20 #6 K.O.Kiki Have you tried earlier drivers (eg 7x.xx series)? AnCapaillMor Right click your background, click on properties go to settings, click on advanced, then adaptor and see what kind of card the system picks up. Just follow the same procedure to remove all drivers before installing more drivers.After this, i rebooted normally and the 6800 gs worked fine, but the Radeon was out to lunch.

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